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that feeling stressed, tired and gaining weight as you get older is NOT normal?

‘1 in 5 women complain of tiredness or fatigue to their GP' according to a study in Australian Family Physician. Most assume they're tired or exhausted because of everything they do in a day?
Or because they're getting older?
When you know what's at the heart of fatigue, you will understand why you feel tired all the time and rely on sugar, salty foods or caffeine to have the energy we need to get through the day.

Suddenly we gain weight (even when our diet is the same), get sick more often, and lose our temper.
Brain fog or forgetting things becomes common, normal tasks taking longer to get done, and SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) disrupts productivity. Everyday tasks feel hard and draining. Stress is harder to handle, and working fast and being productive is a challenge.
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I'm running a free online workshop where I'll share how to conquer fatigue, low mood, and metabolic issues, even when you've tried all the right things. 


Thrive in your body. Thrive in your business

Elite Coaching For Entrepreneurs, Women In Business & Women Who Lead 


Reset your mind & body, giving you the energy to get everything done.

Improve mood and mental performance.

Reignite your metabolism to lose weight and get your healthy body back.

No longer run your business or career on low moods, low energy or emotional meltdowns – say goodbye to bad days hijacking your work so you can finally feel on top of things.

Alleviate the BIG disruptors to productivity and creativity such as stress, anxiety, brain fog and overwhelm, so you get more done in less time

Build structure and routine that creates space in your busy schedule

So you can...

For those battling physical and mental exhaustion who want a higher level of support, this boutique program helps you regain control of your body and mind so there’s nothing you can’t do!

Whether you're running your own business or leading a team, you need high energy to get more done in less time, stay on top of your game and sustain that pace so you can do the work you're here to do – your ‘why'. Without sacrificing your success, freedom, health, family, relationships and personal commitments.

The Peak Revival Program will:

allison march

I was struggling with weight issues and feeling blah with hashimotos, and was wanting to try something that would reset my body. I found Vesna and her program made the WORLD of difference! I now do a detox regularly, with her program being so easy to follow, and am continuing to lose weight and feel so much more energised. 

"HIGHLY recommend her all the time to friends!"

Anna brannstrom

Joining the BBB program was life changing. Vesna explains each step very well, the science behind it and why we do it. I noticed improvements very quickly and after a short time I started seeing glimpses of my “old self”. My skin cleared up, I slept better, my mood improved, I had more energy and started to loose weight.

" I am so glad I came across the program and signed up. The community, Vesna and her team has been a great support."

Roneeta kumar

Vesna has been my Naturopath for the last 10 years. I have celiac disease and simply avoiding wheat was not the solution, as I was still feeling lethargic and bloated. Vesna pointed out the right foods, developed a food plan and recommended natural medicines. She gave me the guidance to address my concerns which overall boosted my health and my energy levels. In just week one, I had more energy levels than ever! Vesna us always there for me anytime I need her to answer to my health concerns.

"I am now much healthier than I used to be, thanks to Vesna!"


Vesna and her team walk you through every aspect and teach you 'why' you feel tired, hungry, crave sugar etc then them educate you on 'how' you can over come these. They step you through the bodies processes. This is what benefited me the most so now there is a little educated voice in my head that say 'nope that quick sugar hit is going to do you no good at all' and the little Vesna voice pops in as a gentle reminder of what the alternatives are.

"There are no quick fixes, it truely is about changing your mindset and daily habits.."

What alumni are saying

For over 20 years I've been supporting professionals to create more freedom in their life through health. 

Years ago, when I was running multiple naturopathic clinics, I hit burnout and it meant that I could no longer do my best work. I lost passion in my business and my healthy body disappeared and I was exhausted, anxious, overweight and borderline depressed. 

I understand the pressure and demands of high-performing women. Through my personal experience and helping over 3000 women, I know the recovery plan to peak physical energy and mental clarity so you can be your best in all areas of your life.

Hi, I'm Vesna.

I'm a Naturopath and Coach, and I'm passionate about making it easy for women in business to have health and happiness while thriving to the top.

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