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How high-performing women regain peak physical energy & mental clarity



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Anxiety and overwhelm are holding you back from achieving your highest potential 



You don't have the energy to socialise, keep up with relationships, or be present with your kids. 
You're more irritable and snapping at those you love.



You are only doing the basics at work, and not your best work. It takes longer to get work done so you work late or on weekends. It's impacting your bottom line $, your results & keeping you stuck in your career

Business/ work


Do you feel tired most days? 
Need a nap in the afternoon? 
Only doing the basics at work?
Lost your motivation to play bigger?
Feel anxious or overwhelmed? 
Poor sleep? 
Clothes tight or don't fit? 

Feeling this way is NOT normal and it's holding you back from doing your best work, being present in your relationships and reaching your highest potential. 

Let me guess, you're experiencing fatigue, anxiety and stress which is affecting..

Is fatigue, low moods & weight gain holding you back?

Hey daring go-getter, here's an important question for you...

I've got the secrets to unlocking your physical & mental vitality

But here's thing. You're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

Energy on tap

Thrive, grow & reach your highest potential with stress, not overwhelmed

Up-level your impact in business or career

Confidence to live the life you truly want

What if you could have....

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A comprehensive coaching program that will give you a step-by-step plan & support to get into the best health and shape of your life

Peak Revival Mastermind

Introducing the...

Discover exactly what you'll get:

Take a look inside the program and...

Peak Revival Method: Specialised plan for high-performing women to optimise 4 keys areas for peak physical energy & mental clarity, so there is nothing you can’t do!. This program is the foundation for a healthy body, healthy mind and fast metabolism. Includes dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, prescription plans, specific herbal and nutritional prescriptions, and personal development
(value $1997)

Vesna will design your personalised 3-month roadmap for accelerated results, including naturopathic, pathology review, prescription plans and identifying inner roadblocks to get the results you want in the fastest and easiest way possible. 
(value $1497)

Step-by-Step Strategy


Transformational Coaching (Deep-dive)
with Vesna

Coaching, accountability, customise your plan, review supplements, personalise your prescription plan so you can accelerate your results and have accountability (4-months) (value $4997)

Reduce Stress + impact to physical symptoms. We will have workshop on topics such as: Overcoming mental overwhelm, beyond insecurity, effortless change, enemy to high performance, how to access the intelligence inside you to answer questions, solve problems, and guide your path through life.
(value $997) 

Group deep-dive workshops

Get 24/7 access to our exclusive Peak Revival community as you walk through this program together, step-by-step. Vesna will be in the group each day.
(value $997)

Support & Accountability

valued at $997

We will show you where to order pathology tests or we can order them for you. We can review the results and provide a personalised roadmap for high-performance, high energy and vitality. 

Pathology Test Review


valued at $497

Lose up to 8kgs in 4 weeks without counting calories, cutting out carbs or feeling deprived. This advanced program heals your metabolism & the side effect is weight loss. 


** pay in full bonus only**
Your own personal concierge & coach to support you through every aspect of the program for 8 weeks. You can ask her anything regarding meals, feeling stuck or need more accountability.  

valued at $997

VIP Concierge Support


Gain exclusive access to these bonuses


ADVANCE Weight Loss

valued at $497

Optimise your health and metabolism through personalised glucose tracking, data analysis, and how to get the best results for life 

Continuous Glucose Monitor + Metabolic Health Workshop


Are you ready to master your body & mind?


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You will walk away with a personalised 3-month roadmap after your session with Vesna. This is your unique plan to the fastest and easiest way for you to restore energy, reduce anxiety and create a healthy body. Includes how to overcome your triggers and sabotages, and will be customised to your lifestyle and busy schedule. 

1. Personlised Roadmap: 

What exactly is the plan?

You will reduce your number #1 barrier to achieving accelerated results: Stress. You will learn how to use your mind to reduce stress, worry and overwhelm. You’ll learn how to create motivation for yourself so you stay on top of things, even if you’re exhausted and overwhelmed right now. 

2. Clear the decks:

3. Recharge energy

You will flick the switch from carbohydrate to fat burner and lose weight. You can lose up to 8kgs in 4 weeks, look years younger but more importantly, you’ll be much healthier and set a good example to those around you. Reverse chronic conditions, reduce insulin resistance, overcome cravings, and your sabotage ways. You’ll increase lean muscle mass which improves body shape, but it’s also the biggest predictor of health and longevity.  

4. Reboot the metabolism and lose weight: 

Low moods and low feelings can disrupt our work, cause conflict in our relationships and is the biggest reason we ‘fall off the wagon’. Balancing your moods through restoring neurotransmitters and emotional coaching, you’ll notice that work becomes easier, keeping up with responsibilities feels effortless, you’ll have more joy in your work and time with the family. You’ll enjoy your life more. 

5. Mood Elevator: 

Supercharge your brainpower and get your dopamine back so you feel pleasure in life, satisfaction and increased levels of motivation. You’ll learn how to remove the biggest interference to high performance, focus and concentration so you can work for long periods without feeling mentally tired, and do your best work.

6. Brainpower: 

So you have Energy on tap! We will show you the simplest way to get your energy back by repairing hormones, systems, and the mitochondria, even if you’re super busy. You’ll wake up refreshed, have energy to break old habits keeping you stuck, you’ll get more done at work and home, and you will have energy for you. 

You’ll learn that YOU have a superpower! It gives you the ability to advance your life, solve problems without analysis paralysis, live with more confidence, to do anything and reach your highest potential. You’ll learn this short-cut to personal development without time-wasting techniques. You’ll notice that life gets easier and gentler regardless of what’s happening with your work, economy, finances - in the world around you. You won’t hide from challenges but you’ll use them to fuel your growth. You’ll reach your highest potential.

7. Peak Performance  

Photography Business Mentor at Clare 

“I used to put my business ahead of my health. Vesna introduced me to the concept of self-care, how food impacts how we feel and how we perform. Working with Vesna I put my health first, made sure I was easting properly, walking, made sure I was doing all the things for myself before I started my workday. I ended up having the biggest month in my business that I have ever had! So I know that this works.”

I had the biggest month in my business 


“I am pinching myself to believe that my first consult with Vesna was only a few months ago. Since then, I have renewed energy, my skin is glowing, my tummy problems have eased and weight seems to be melting off! I am even finding that I am able to eat, digest and enjoy foods I thought were a ‘no go' zone for my tummy for the last 3 years!. So convenient and the results are a complete game changer for me, my life, my health and even my business.“

"I have renewed energy, my skin is glowing, my tummy problems have eased & weigh melting off"


“My biggest problem was anxiety and panic attacks (and would end up being hospitalised) and yelling at the kids because I was so stressed. After doing the Peak Revival program I saw a massive shift in the way I was dealing with stress. I no longer overanalyse, I don’t worry about ‘what-ifs’ or have any panic attacks. I feel more relaxed and stress-free, and not yelling at the kids. I’ve lost weight, without trying, and my mood is much better. I feel whole again.”

"No more anxiety or panic attacks. I’ve lost weight, without trying, & my mood is much better. I feel whole again."


“ I now work less hours (that is a miracle), I feel I have more boundaries and now I am more available to my work, my family and friends. I have lost 5 kg, easily and mood is more stable. Plus I have no more PMS, or menstrual pain, which is amazing!”

"I doubled my energy in just 4 days and that was just in the first week!"


“My life was full of stress. I worked 50+ hours a week, an unhealthy diet from being so time poor and I would wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night. Finally when my doctor decided to medicate me for anxiety I knew I had reached tipping point. I connected with Vesna and I signed up to her program on the spot, within a few weeks I started to notice an improvement in my energy levels, mood and overall my anxiety decreasing."

'Within a few weeks I started to notice an improvement in my energy levels, mood and overall my anxiety decreasing…finally I had some clarity in my life

Claire moyles, Director/accountant

“Simple nutritional guidance that is easy to follow and het holistic program reduced my stress levels markedly. I was able to return to my business two weeks after giving birth, to an extremely busy period for a couple of months. Three months later I am able to back off work, enjoy my children, feel more energy than I have in close to a decade and I am almost at my pre-pregnancy weight!"

"Three months later I am able to back off work, enjoy my children, feel more energy than I have in close to a decade"

kind words

real results from students

For over 20 years I've been supporting professionals to create more freedom in their life through health. 

Years ago, when I was running multiple naturopathic clinics, I hit burnout and it meant that I could no longer do my best work. I lost passion in my business, my healthy body disappeared and I was exhausted, anxious, overweight and borderline depressed. 

I understand the pressure and demands of high-performing women. Through my personal experience and helping over 3000 women, I know the recovery plan to peak physical energy and mental clarity so you can be your best in all areas of your life.

I'm a Naturopath and Coach, and I'm passionate about making it easy for women in business to have health and happiness while thriving at the top.

Meet your teacher

I hit burnout myself, I've seen first-hand how it limits your performance, hijacks your passion, sucks the joy out of life and prevents you from reaching your highest potential.

The Peak Revival Mastermind isn't like other programs out there

You don't need another person telling you what to do - you need coaching & expert support!

When I work with people 1:1, they're going to want to do it.
It's not me on your back so much, it's me being there with you so that by the end you don't recognise youself & my job is to make that as easy as possible.

Its my job to make your transformation as easy as possible

Peak Revival is a Naturopathic strategy that's been clinical proven for 20 years - it's not a collection of recipes or lifestyle hacks, it's a complete system. 

Over 2000 women have successfully gone through this method which proves we know what we're doing.

Clinically tested and refined for  20 years  (and thousands of testimonials)

They say your income is the average of the 5 people you spend time with, your health also. You will share this mastermind group with women just like you, working towards the same goal. And that is priceless! 

Plus, you can ask Vesna a question in the group, on the weekly calls or to your VIP concierge support. 

Surround yourself with the right people 

We'll reduce stress, anxiety and low moods that block us for seeing and living our full potential

It's helped women go from panic attacks to calm, from worriers to relaxed, from depressed to joyful, and from insecure to confident

Access to greater levels of mental wellbeing and confidence so you can reach your highest potential 

Most women don't know what they are capable of. They are stuck in old limited thinking about themselves. What any person can achieve, you can achieve. 

There will be some hard work, but mentally, emotionally, my job is for you to really feel you've got this, and until you really do, I believe for you.

Breakthrough old beliefs about what you can do! I believe in you! 

In my experience these group calls offer more value than just on-going 1:1. You will learn much more from others as they ask questions, you will get insights from other peoples coaching & you will feel supported each week by the group. 
If you can't attend all the calls, you can ask a question beforehand and Vesna will answer & send you a recording.

What if I don't like group coaching calls? 


You will have one initial kick-off workshop with Vesna to map out your 3-month plan. This includes uncovering the root cause, pathology review, full consultation, and supplement and medication review. During the weekly coaching calls Vesna will make updates to your plan where necessary.

How many 1:1 sessions do I have with Vesna?


The program uses everyday foods, and works with any budget.
The meal prep depends on you, we give you 2 options:
Meal plans with recipes and Plan in a page guidelines Both work! 
No hunger, and you won't be cutting out any major food groups. Vesna will may adjustments based on your needs

How time-consuming are the meal preparations? Is the food expensive? Will I be hungry or feel deprived? 


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

"Three months later I am able to back off work, enjoy my children, feel more energy than I have in close to a decade and I’m almost at my pre-pregnancy weight! I feel confident that I will have the energy to play with my boys in the years to come and not have that overwhelming feeling again!"

Clare Moyles, Accountant

"Working with Vesna I put my health first...I ended up having the biggest month in my business that I've ever had, in the whole time I've ever had my business. So I know that this works"

Clare Stephens, Photographer

This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

"I no longer want to curl up and go to sleep under my desk after lunch, and the brain fog that plagued my days at work has gone....My energy has become far more consistent... My mood is far more stable; I am calmer, happier, more at peace and feel like I can now handle anything that comes along.....I have lost 4.5kg..I am no longer suffering swollen and painful breast each month or debilitating period pain. My mindset has totally changed, I have even been able to let go of my addictions to coffee, wine and cigarettes, which I absolutely attribute to the support Vesna has provided"

Michelle Brett, CFO 

DIRECTOR @ Kiss Marketing 

"I tripled my energy & it tripled my business $$ & enjoyment"


10 x Energy, No Anxiety or Brain fog. Fluid retention and bloated belly gone.

Lost weight after years of low-carb/ keto diets.
"When you feel good you shine" 


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So, are you ready to master your body & mind?

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