What Is Best Weight Loss Diet? -

What Is Best Weight Loss Diet?

  1. Dimi says:

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism 11+ yrs ago. My weight keeps increasing no matter what. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia recently. I have no energy to go for a walk. My joints are stiff & I’m always in pain. I also get too puffed even with a short walk. I’m now almost 59 & weighing an embarrassing 92kgs. With high insulin & high leptin levels. Mind you I don’t crave sugar & rarely eat it. I generally eat healthy enough at least I think so & am always told by others that I do. I started to see a dietitian 5 wks ago who recommended I cut back on carbs. I haven’t had bread or pasta in over 4weeks. Yet, I still manage to put on weight or stay at the same weight.
    I do however, like to wind down with a glass or two of wine (white or rose) in the evenings. Could it be that? Not convinced as I have gone without for long periods of time & can’t say that it made any difference. I live alone & love socialising with friends – I do eat out most weeks. Sometimes it can be from once to twice a week & there has been a third from time to time. I do however, make good food choices as I possible can.
    Thanks for you time today 🙂

    • vesna2 says:

      Hi Dimi – Hashimotos (even when treated with medication) can still slow down the metabolism until all key systems are repaired. Secondly, insulin resistance can be caused by diet and stress. If you have time, join me on the masterclass this week: HERE

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