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In my last email I shared how one insight changed my professional and personal life.     Years ago I found myself stuck in my business, causing financial and personal stress, until I had an insight that changed everything, fast.   I had all the strategies from business coaches, I analysed my mental roadblocks, but it […]

The Single Sentence That Turned My Life Around


There is a misconception in our understanding of weight and obesity.   The idea that there is a simple formula to explain why people get overweight: if you consume more calories than you burn, you will get fat.   Or, if you exercise more and eat less, you will lose weight.   This doesn’t take […]

The Flawed Science of Calories in and Calories Out


If you’ve ever tried to follow the ‘calories in, calories out’ playbook, you’ve probably found out that things aren’t that simple.   If the body worked off basic math, we’d all be in amazing shape, right?   The real game-changer, especially after we hit our late-30s, is something much less talked about: insulin resistance.   […]

The Unseen Battle Inside You


Generally speaking, after 35 our bodies start to change quite a lot…   And many times, the things that you WERE doing to stay healthy and fit and confident don’t work anymore.   It’s like your body’s playing by a new set of rules, and nobody gave you the playbook.   After we hit 35, […]

What Happened After You Turned 35


I often jokingly refer to myself as a recovering ‘nice girl’, but this month it wasn’t a joke.   I faced the stark reality that there’s more work I need to do here, especially in my work and business.   I’m no push-over, don’t get me wrong, but I can avoid taking action so as […]

The Real Cost of Being ‘nice’


In my clinic days, treating patients for a whole range of health issues often linked to poor diet and chronic stress, a realisation struck me. What if people craved healthy food as much as processed foods?   As a kid, I remember my rare visits to McDonald’s – it was well tailored for kids – […]

McDonald’s Unlikely Influence on my Nutrition Knowledge


Right now there are billions of processes happening within your body, most of which you will never know about.   Your body is releasing digestive enzymes that are breaking down your breakfast, insulin is being released, in the precise dose, to move glucose into the cells, nutrients are moving to areas where they are needed […]

Stop Stressing About Weight! Harness Your Body’s Natural Processes for Results


Years ago in my practice, I offered a ketogenic program for my clients. They lost a lot of weight, the biggest loss was 50kgs. Incredible results!   The success of this keto program was inspiring, people regained their health and confidence.   When I struggled with my weight during my burnout years, of course, I […]

The Low-Carb Trap! Why You Might Regain Weight & How to Avoid It


The reason why our bodies change so much as we age is due to muscle loss.   I remember in high school, my maths teacher wrote all of our lessons on the blackboard. As she put the chalk on the board and moved to write her arms would wobble. The backs of her arms had […]

Say Farewell to Age Flab: Lose 8kg & Reclaim Toned Arms and Belly in 4 Weeks!


A good friend of mine was at a dinner party recently, she was shocked to find that after dinner everyone at the table, except her, was taking ozempic –  the weight loss drug.      If you were to do a quick Google search on the side effects of ozempic it wouldn’t look like much – […]

Say Goodbye to 8kgs in Just a Month – While Eating 5-6 Meals a Day

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