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Yesterday, I wrote an email about my prolonged fast (Read here)I had a lot of questions about skipping breakfast as I’m the (self-proclaimed) Queen of not missing breakfast.Secondly, who should do a prolonged fast, and who shouldn’t?Great questions!!!Firstly, I’m still having breakfast on my prolonged fast 👸.The fasting protocol I follow mimics a fast. I’m using specific foods and keeping calories […]

Having breakfast VS Fasting

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I just recently came back from a holiday in Thailand – it was just what I needed to recharge. Sun, sea, and lots of time just laying on the beach. I will admit there were too many sunset cocktails and we ate out every day, so that adds up. Since I touched down, I’ve been fasting, but […]

The ‘switch’ to awaken your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself

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Why am I not losing weight? If you've tried ALL the diets and not seeing results, I share one of the biggest roadblocks I see for women. . I share the causes of weight loss resistance and the solution. . Leave your comments below. . If you want to know more about Peak Revival or Buh-Bye [...]

Why am I not losing weight?

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We talk a lot about the signs of insulin resistance, but what about insulin 'sensitivity'?What does a person look like and what markers indicate a healthy insulin response? (i.e good blood glucose control) . Find out how to improve your glucose-insulin response, and get into your best health and shape. Much love,

Typical signs of ‘insulin ‘sensitive’ people

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  LISTEN HERE . . This is an additional training I did for my Peak Revival program around why you don’t have the body/ health or relationship you want. It’s for those who have felt ‘stuck’ in the same place and no matter what you try, it doesn’t change. This is the process many of […]

Why you don’t have the health you want

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LISTEN HERE  —   Is work still on your mind after hours? The disagreement you had, is it on your mind days later?Does your mind dwell on stressful events? Do you dwell on your weight? One of my clients had a disagreement with her family and she couldn’t shake it for 2 days.She replayed the event in her […]

Negative thinking, Glucose & Insulin Resistance

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I’m preparing a workplace wellbeing program and one of the areas I’ll be sharing is how mental stress interferes with our physical health, metabolism, and resilience. Your energy changes when you’re in a bad or low mood. Your willpower disappears when you’re stressed – Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal says “the biology of stress and the biology of willpower are simple […]

3 ways it matters what you feed your mind

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Our food choices have a powerful effect on our metabolic health. Some foods cause blood glucose levels to spike and raise cholesterol and inflammation.  One of the best ways to understand what is going on inside our bodies is to measure glucose.Glucose affects how we feel instantly because it influences our hunger and mood, and […]

5 of the Worst Foods For Your Metabolic Health

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If we have the capacity to get more done, we can do our best work.  . We can refine our skills, repeat tasks until it's perfect, and stay on top of our game. . Performance Coach Tim Gallwey said we all have unlimited potential, but there are things that get in the way. . There [...]

3 must have’s to do your best work

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There's a link between weight gain and anxiety, but not in the way you think . It's the same reason we crave sugars and carbs (and it's not about comfort food) . There are simple ways to reverse both . Join the free masterclass and I'll show you how, plus you'll walk away with my [...]

Link between weight gain and anxiety

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