Bloated and Sluggish? Detox Can Help -

Bloated and Sluggish? Detox Can Help

  1. Janine Robinson says:

    Hi Vesna, I want to know how restrictive your buh-bye burnout program is please. I am not a fan of diets as such as the restrictiveness really has me craving real food. At present I eat a lot of protein bars ( Atkins) as I don’t like gaining weight-however I am not losing anything except faith in returning to a weight i am comfortable with. Are carb out, is fat out, honestly it’s all too confusing. Earlier this year I was at my heaviest at 64kg, after doing WLCW( Weight loss coaching works) I have actually now reached my all time high of 67kg!! I was pretty defeated. I am 168cm high, 44 and losing hope of having a healthy relationship with food that is not restrictive and is sustainable. WLCW had me weighing in every morning and scales are not my friend at the best of times. Every Monday was protein only day and I didn’t enjoy the mood swings that came with that. I have tried Jenny Craig, and WLCW, as you can imagine these have not been cheap and I am concerned about outplaying more money to a program that really is not sustainable long term.
    Many thanks, Janine

    • vesna2 says:

      Hi Janine,

      Sorry to hear about your struggles. I know it might feel risky because you have tried other things before.

      Many of our members comment on how pleasantly surprised they are when starting the program as it is less restrictive than many other programs and diets they have tried before. The Buh-Bye Burnout program focuses on resetting your systems and creating routines that nourish you, and that you can continue beyond the program. In terms of food and recipes, we don’t cut carbs and fats in the program. The meal plans and recipes you get are designed so they are quick and easy to make, using everyday whole foods (​We have over 40 recipes, there is so much variety to choose from). You can also choose to just follow the guidelines (no plans or recipes) if that works better for you. Both options work, so it’s up to you.

      Have a listen and read through what others have said, many felt the same as you before starting:

      We hope to see you in the group soon –

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