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I will share tips and tricks on how to overcome anxiety, burnout and stress!

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Unmotivated, flat, no drive or just OVER IT...   When we're in a low mood we head for the kitchen to grab a sugary snack, glass of wine, or numb out on Netflix.   This only makes us feel worse...and guilty.   Your energy is connected to your mood. Fix your energy, fix your mood. [...]

Fix Your Energy, Fix Your Mood

https://vesnahrsto.wistia.com/medias/nfozq20zlk LOSE 8KG IN 4 WEEKS WHILE EATING MORE Bio-hack your biology through functional food rotation We've had a lot of questions come through overnight about meals plans, food lists and what this diet looks like. Well....it's really just everyday foods. So I've attached the UltraMetabolism 'Get Started' Shopping list so you can see for [...]

Lose weight, Eat More


You are misled if you think an espresso with 0 calories will not make you gain weight. I know you may not want to hear this because you love coffee so much. But hear me out first… Caffeine acts on the adrenal glands by stimulating the production of adrenaline – a stress hormone. Caffeine increases […]

Can Coffee Make Us Fat?


    Google search Adrenal Fatigue and you might be surprised by the results, esp if you’re looking for scientific research articles. It’s the very same reason why you can’t just take ‘herbal medicines or vitamins’ to fix your adrenal glands. HPA axis dysfunction is the accurate name for adrenal fatigue and truly reflects what is […]

Adrenal Fatigue: Is It Real Or Fake?


  Do you feel tired all the time? You’re not alone. 1 in 5 women present with fatigue to their GP. Find out the common reasons and what tests you can easily do to confirm the diagnosis. If you want to learn how to repair the underlying problem to all of these conditions, to elevate […]

Why Am I So Tired? 5 Common Reasons & Test To Confirm


    One simple hack for ALL-DAY ENERGY ????‍♂️ Do the M20 tomorrow morning and have energy all day long, even when you come home from work Want to know more? Join my free workshop this week….details here http://bit.ly/2P9Fbkh  

All Day Energy with the M20


  How to reduce anxiety without quitting your job or running away from a busy life… Learn easy ways you can feel on top of things at work and at home. Common Mood Disruptors Do not underestimate the power of your diet to influence your mood, resilience, mental health and productivity. If you feel at […]

Reduce Anxiety Without Quitting Your Job


  Craving something sweet every afternoon? Can’t go without a chocolate after dinner? Ice-cream? Cutting out sugar can balance your moods, energy and even sleep. Learn 4 ways to make ‘quitting sugar’ easier. Want to know more? Join our upcoming workshop, FREE, details here: http://bit.ly/2n55QF0

“I Can’t Quit Sugar”


Depression doesn’t always look like serious melancholy and sadness…or the desire to sit on the couch all day! Most of the women I see with depression experience anxiety  – feeling inner restlessness, unease and lots of insomnia. In fact, most of these women are very much on the go and productive, but they are also […]

Are You Depressed Or Burnt-Out? Do You Know The Difference


  If you struggle to lose weight or keep it off while eating healthy foods, then your metabolism needs a tune-up! This is the most common thing I see in my work. Women come to me who are already eating well and they’ve done things like paleo, anti-candida, sugar-free, low carb diets etc… BUT they […]

Biohack Your Weight Loss, While Eating More

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